Track Days

Come and join us for a fun day out on the track. Experience the thrills of your machine through the curves of a safe environment while being guided by our EMSO certified instructors.
A typical day will consist of 4x 20 min sessions (half day) or 6x 20 min sessions (full day) for each group. Enjoy a hot coffee & delicious snack from GolosITALIA coffee shop while you complete your sign-on & scrutineering.
Riders are separated into Novice, Intermediate & Advanced group depending on their overall average lap time from previous track days completed. First time track experience riders will receive extra guidance from an instructor in the Novice group.

If you would like to join a track day but feel like you need an introduction course first, then check out our Track School page.


Riding Gear

  • Full face helmet (not modular)
  • 1 OR 2-piece leathers (if 2-piece, must zip together)
  • Full finger leather gloves that cover the wrist area (gauntlet style)
  • Riding boots that cover ankle area (solid in construction)
  • Do not attempt to ride without knee sliders OR badly worn ones
  • Chest & back protectors are optional
  • Full riding gear rental options available from Furiosa Racing at 350 AED


No water or oil leaks from anywhere       |       Steering head bearings to have no play       | Tyres need to have a minimum of 1mm tread depth from the tread wear indicator and in general all round good condition (no cracks in tread)      | Brake pads need to be a minimum of 1,5mm thick       |       Brake lever not to be spongy (not able to reach within 10mm of handlebar grip when squeezed firmly) |       Accelerator (if cable) not to be hindered when handlebars are moved from side to side       |       Not limited to, but for example, no loose: exhaust silencers, footpegs or bodywork


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Track Layouts


2.5 km club track introduces us to the challenging turn 1 of Dubai Autodrome and later provides a very interesting link chicane

Download track


3.5 km national track takes us onto a new section of the full track and with that brings forward a few more technical challenges for riders & drivers alike

Download track


4.3 km international track introduces us to yet another new section of the full layout which allows machines to stretch out the top end speed down the long back straight

Download track


5.4 km grand prix layout opens the full spread of Dubai Autodrome while offering a variation of tight hairpins, long sweeps and elevation changes

Download track


3 km north layout at YAS Marina F1 Circuit allows riders to experience this open & flowing section of the formula 1 track first hand. Take advantage of the big grip & ultra smooth surface.

Download track


2.2 km south layout at YAS Marina F1 Circuit again offers amazing grip & an ultra smooth surface. This tighter & more technical portion of track takes riders under the famous W hotel.

Download track