Track School

Track Academy is a rider training course that is designed to make riders more comfortable and confident in all aspects of riding with specific focus on cornering.
Training is hosted on the Hill layout at Dubai Autodrome where personalised coaching of up to a maximum of 6 riders in each group, with classroom theory clearly demonstrating the steps within each level:
Level 1 – Visual markers, Turn set up & The turn
Level 2 – Peripheral vision, Quick turn & Turn exit
Level 3 – Body position
1 day booking – 1,650 AED
Full 3 day course – 4,200 AED (15% discount)
All riders required to start at Level 1. Each day/level consists of 5x 20min theory/classroom sessions & 5x 20min practical/on track sessions.

Next available dates:
Level 1 – Saturday, 23 March (8:30 PM – 12 AM) – FULLY BOOKED
Level 2 – Monday, 25 March (8:30 PM – 12 AM) – FULLY BOOKED
Level 3 – Thursday, 28 March (8:30 PM – 12 AM) – FULLY BOOKED

Level 1 – Monday, 15 April (7 PM – 11 PM)
Level 2 – Wednesday, 17 April (7 PM – 11 PM)
Level 3 – Sunday, 21 April (7 PM – 11 PM)

Rental motorcycles & rental riding gear available on request.
Full riding gear (helmet, gloves, 1-piece leathers & boots) at 350 AED per day OR 600 AED for riders booked for all 3 days.

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Debriefings & questions are covered by coaches after each on track session (5x 20mins). All riders are welcome, whether you have just started riding or if you feel you need a refresher to sharpen up your skills. Riders do not have to attend a full 3 day course but it is mandatory for all riders to start with Level 1.

Track Layout

This short course track which is part of the full Grand Prix track is ideal for training purposes as it allows repetition of the turns such that students can keep analyzing their riding according to the same set of turns. In addition, the track offers variation in elevation, off camber turns, tight hairpins, combination turns & chicanes.

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