Data logging & Switchgear

Switch Gear

  • JetPrime

    Ignition delete kits (remove OEM lock barrel & have holder to retain immobiliser options) – from 520 AED
    RHS handlebar switches bolt straight onto master cylinder (OEM & Brembo options) in order to free up handlebar space – from 925 AED

  • I2M dashboards & data logging

    I2M dashboards simultaneously run tyre pressure & temperature, water & oil temp, gear indicator, front & rear suspension travel, brake pressure, lap times, GPS speed, RPM, exhaust lambda sensor, video camera. Not only can it connect to WiFi but can become a WiFi hotspot itself. The anti glare screen allows a clear view of information at all times while out on track. Options starting from 5,500 AED

  • IRC blippers & quickshifters

    Quickshifters from 1,200 AED & auto blippers from 2,300 AED

  • Domino quick action throttles

    Starting from 900 AED (incl cables)